IG: @nikkiiwanderland

Well hello there! Name's Nikki (obviously), welcome to my little online wanderland. I am based in the always sunny place called Manila in the equally warm (literally and figuratively) country called the Philippines. Here are a few things you need to know about me: I hoard books (and read them from time to time); I love dogs, we have 6 (here I am wondering why I can't adopt a cat); I'm 19 (plus eight) years old, happily together with a boy named Marvin for quite a while now (9 years to be exact); people tell me I sneeze like a cat; my handwriting is kinda decent (more than decent actually if i'm being honest); and if you want to impress me here's a tip: DO NOT give me chocolates, I don't like them; and lastly, I love taking pictures - LOTS of them.

What was Instagram's role in all of this?

I was a normal (if overly stressed is normal) office girl until a little less than 3 years ago when I started to join an Instagram community called the #bookstagram. Although I did not give up my day job for Instagram, it did help me cope up with life changes after I finally decided to do so. I just started out sharing pictures of books, reviewing them, making virtual friends and you know, all that stuff until my account grew - apparently, I have hidden talent in curating a likeable Instagram feed. It was then that people and companies noticed me and my pictures and my knack for designing and calligraphy.

The Change

Probably a year after my Instagram stint, I opened my first blog on WordPress: the Alice In Wonderbookland. I felt like the captions on my Instagram pictures were never enough to express myself -  and to be honest, captions are even harder sometimes, why is it a thing? haha. Obviously the blog was made for my book shenigans. But as I and my account grow through the years, that desire to share other things that I love rose out of nowhere. That's when I evolved into not only sharing my passion for reading but also my travels, what I ate, more of my letterings, artworks, what I or my dogs have been up to and whatever there is I can share to my online followers - and then the rest was history for me. I have to add too that I grew tired of correcting people that my name isn't Alice, so.. I have finally contemplated to change my online name and embrace my given name - it isn't so bad after all! March of this year, "NIKKI IN WANDERLAND" was born into the online world and I couldn't be happier about it.

I still want to do more, try more different things and I want you all to join me as I wander and discover all of the things this wanderful life has in store for me!

While you're on my space though, I hope you find something you like here. 🙂